A native forest is a natural ecosystem composed mainly of native tree species, in a mature level of development, with various species of associated flora and fauna, all of them Integrating a unique concept together with the surrounding soil, subsoil, atmosphere, climate, hydric resources.

This interdependent web gives the system a condition of dynamic balance, and provides many environmental services to society in addition to the various natural resources with possible economic use.

Native forests also provide valuable and essential environmental services, such as:

  • Nourish, fix, and protect the soil from erosion by wind and water, prevent desertification.
  •  Conserve biodiversity, providing shelter to many species of plants and animals.
  •  Absorb and store water, preventing floods
  •  Absorb Carbon Dioxide (CO2 - gas that contributes to the global warming) releasing oxygen (O2) necessary for life
  •  Regulate the temperature and humidity creating microclimates
  •  Temper the wind and noise
  • Provide areas for rest, recreation and natural beauty

Our farm has large areas of natural forest that ensure a rich biodiversity and natural supply of nutrients to the soil.